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Thirty-something author from Zagreb. Mother of cats and dogs. Game of Thrones and Harry Potter enthusiast.

I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read.

George R. R. Martin
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Sanja S. Jungic

Sanja S. Jungic is a young Croatian author whose debut novel, Zvijezde medu nama, was published in Croatia in 2019.

The novel gained a lot of attention due to fact that it was inspired by Sanja’s real life experience on the set of mega-popular show Game of Thrones. This prompted Sanja to write her second novel, Ti si moje sve (You are My Everything), whilst having Zvijezde medu nama translated by renowned Croatian translator Neven Divjakinja for international audience. She lives in Zagreb with her husband Saša and their pets Toya, Cecilije and Egidije.

Interview with Total Croatia News


Born in Zagreb

Attended elementary school and literary courses

Attended high-school, edited school newspaper, participated in state literary competition Lidrano

Attended college, graduated top of class (Master’s Degree in Communicology)

Gaining experience through various positions in journalism, marketing and public relations

Published first novel in Croatian (Zvijezde medu nama)

Published second novel in Croatian (Ti si moje sve)

Published first novel in English (The Stars Among Us)

Best selling books

Zvijezde među nama

Ti si moje sve